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(3 mins)

focusing on letting athletes know this will be a heavy dl weight and to be thinking about what heavy means for them

General Warm Up

5 mins of steady running

2 rounds

10m Solider kicks

10 woodpeckers

10 banded good mornings

10 inchworms

10 sit-ups

10 hip ext (back ext on GHD)

Specific Warm-up

12 mins to warm-up to workout deadlift weight in the following reps and sets

2 reps 1st set -2 burpees

2 reps 2nd set- 2 burpees

2 reps 3rd set- 2 burpees

2 reps 4th set- 2 burpees

1 rep 5th set – 2 burpees

1 rep 6th set-2 burpees

starting workout weight

Metcon (Time)

30 min time cap

1 deadlift 315/285


Over the bar burpees (crossfit standard)

Scaling will be weight on the Deadlift first.

scaling second will be weight and then only allowing the athlete to go to the reps of 6.

Cool Down

5 mins

foam rolling glutes