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Metcon (Time)

For time


1200m run

150 DU

800m run

100 DU

400m run

50 DU

200m run


800m run

150 singles

400m run

100 singles

200m run

50 singles

100m run

General Warm Up

:30 Seconds

Easy Bike

Push-up to Down Dog

Medium Bike

Active Samson

Faster Bike

Active Spidermans

Team Relay

Divide the class up into two teams and set cones 50 feet apart. In relay style, athletes will lunge (carrying their rope) 50 feet down and single under 50 feet back. The first team to have all athletes through is the winner. Depending on class size, play 1-3 rounds. Set cone far enough away from start line where the rope will not come in contact with athletes waiting in line.

Specific Warm-up

Double Unders


In a somewhat grippy, metabolic, and shoulder intensive workouts, keeping the hands in a good position and staying relaxed will be important. The first step is to establish hand position on the rope. It is common for athletes to place their hands to low on the handle, making the rope hard to control. Think of holding a pencil. It would be really hard to write with the fingers down near the eraser. The thumb and index fingers will do most of the work up near the base of the handle, with the other three fingers there for support. Secondly, when athletes tense up and death grip the rope, it is hard to move the wrists in a circle. This puts a greater demand on the shoulders to spin the rope. Staying relaxed through the hands and wrists helps athletes breathe and get work done efficiently.

Movement Prep

Establish Hand Position

:15 Seconds Quick Single Unders

:15 Seconds High Single Unders

:15 Seconds Double Under Attempts

Movement Substitutions

Single Unders