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10/27- We will be closed in support of all the team attending the Boo Bash!!
10/27- Live Loud Halloween Party has been moved to the gym 7-10pm
10/28- Closed no Sunday Funday
10/31- Afternoon Classes 5:30-7:30 We will be closed so we can take kiddos out for Halloween.

CrossFit Live Loud – CrossFit

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Divide class in half. Each team will race on the assault bikes to see which team wins. Cals will be determined by multiplying the amount of team members by 10. If teams are uneven then the smaller calorie count is the one you go with. Losing team does 10 burpees. Rest 3:00 and repeat


Class choice/Ask your coach

As a class you will decide on one skill/movement to be worked on. It will be a majority rule. No more than 1-2 movements will be worked on due to time.


Metcon (No Measure)

No measure

400m jog

1:00 twisted cross (L)

1:00 twisted cross (R)

Rest 1:00

400m jog

1:00 Lizard pose (L)

1:00 Lizard pose (R)

Rest 1:00

400m jog

2:00 Saddle pose

Rest 1:00

400m jog

2:00 Standing straddle

Todays workout goal is to get loosened up for the weekend. For those of you competing in the Boo Bash best of luck to you at competition. For those of you not competing, come by and cheer us on as we die with our fellow athletes.